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Why should you choose your broker before your carrier?

A true broker of benefits group insurance acts as an intermediary in both benefit administration and customer service, and leverages their relationship with the carrier in the client’s best interest. A broker must be able to evaluate needs, offer knowledge on the subject, and guide one through the benefit administration process. An agent offers an unbiased opinion while shopping for employee benefits and services with all major carriers and finding the best match for you. A great broker has you in mind at all times, and can coordinate multiple variables, including types of coverage, loss control strategies, and alternative methods to mitigate risk and funding mechanisms.

At JDI Group, our superior services will provide you with the tools to make a complete benefits package in order to retain and reward your employees. Our agents will lead the development and implementation of a customized, cost-effective insurance program that is right for you. You would not go into surgery without the best surgeon, why would you trust your employee’s benefits to anybody but the best.